Who We Are

My Kid’s Club opened on January 1, 2019, but since its inception in its original form in 2006, approximately 1,600 children have come through our Selma and Smithfield Clubs. MKC has evolved a vital resource for struggling families in Johnston County. My Kid’s Club will provide a foundation for the youth of the surrounding community to grow and prosper for years to come.


kids since 2006


Selma residents live below the poverty line


Smithfield residents live below the poverty line


Benson residents live below the poverty line

MKC seeks to address these challenges through quality programming after school and during the summer for math, reading, STEAM (science, math, engineering, arts and technology), college and career readiness, family support, civic engagement, and health and wellness. In the summer we include field trips and scholarship overnight camps for our middle school and high school students.

My Kid’s Club (MKC) delivers daily programming to more than 200 students ages 6-16 designed to help them learn the skills and attitudes they need to grow academically, succeed in their chosen career, and give back to the community. Our clubs are now located on the campuses of Selma Elementary and South Smithfield Elementary.

All Mail
P.O. Box 784
Selma, NC 27576

The Selma Club
311 West Richardson Street
Selma, NC 27576

(behind Selma Elementary School)

The Smithfield Club
201 W Sanders Street
Smithfield, NC 27577