2020 Annual Fund Campaign


Leah is always the first third grader through the door to My Kid’s Club after school in Selma. She walks in with a smile, bursting to tell her counselors about her day. For the next few hours, Leah will get reading and math help on her homework, go on an outdoor scavenger hunt focused on engineering and tech principles, design a project in our art space, eat a healthy snack and help her friends with a fun crossword puzzle. Her family lives on a $20,000 per year income, and if she wasn’t at MKC, Leah would be at home alone while her mom works long hours.

Or that’s what a normal day at MKC would look like for Leah and 200 other children in the Club, but we are living in different times now. The current COVID-19 pandemic is changing the landscape for everyone, particularly those Johnston County families who are already vulnerable. Those who can’t afford to miss a shift at work or stock up on toilet paper; those who rely on the schools to feed their children breakfast and lunch. 

While we would normally be leading the kids in a civic engagement project or having our weekly drum lesson, our staff is instead tailoring our actions to fill the greatest needs remotely. We are:

  • delivering care packages with snacks, activities, and personal notes from MKC counselors;
  • partnering with schools to assemble and distribute educational and emergency resources;
  • hosting phone “office hours” for families to access their MKC counselors for safety tips and concerns;
  • identifying children we feel are at a safety risk to local agencies.

Whether we are working in crisis or not, we still need your help in guiding our kids towards success.

We’re pleased to announce MKC’s Annual Fund Campaign is happening right now – May and June 2020. Now and in the future, we rely on Annual Fund gifts to provide the environment in which our children thrive.

When we hear the all-clear, we will be ready to get back to breaking down barriers faced by low-income youth in building skills for a successful future. We invite you to join us in helping prepare Johnston County’s next generation for the challenges ahead by making a tax-deductible gift to My Kid’s Club today. There is no better investment we can make than in our future.

Sincerely and with thanks,

Wendy Kelly, Chair, Kay Carroll, Shirley Cohen, Leo Daughtry, Olivia Holding, Jean Kelly, Roger Pope, Meg Scovil, William White, Antoan Whidbee, Thad Woodard

Why Give to My Kid’s Club?

Who we are tomorrow depends on what we do today. We will never be content with low-resource Johnston County students falling through a statistical crack into a cycle of poverty and lost potential. We need help from the community to ensure we can provide the consistency, creativity and commitment that are the hallmarks of My Kid’s Club. As our Club grows, so does our budget – and the need for your support. We’re asking you to help them see further and dream bigger.

Want to hear more about where your donation goes?

Visit us at www.facebook.com/mykidsclubjoco.

The mission of My Kid’s Club is to encourage and empower youth to grow in character and understanding through studies and opportunities for academic success, civic engagement and habits that underscore healthy living to achieve their potential as responsible and caring citizens.

My Kid’s Club is 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Our federal tax id # is 83-2337004.

All contributions are 100% tax deductible.