Promoting Healthy Habits

Afterschool programs can help tackle the growing problem of childhood illness in our nation’s children caused by a lack of opportunity to exercise, food insecurity, stress, anxiety, depression, and a lack of knowledge regarding nutrition and wellness.  These studies point to the programs’ potential power to

  • promote the general health, fitness, and wellness of young people by keeping them active,
  • promoting healthy habits,
  • creating a safe, judgment-free environment, and
  • providing healthy snacks.


Students learn to make better choices and increase their physical activity, as well as their knowledge of nutrition and health practices. This leads to improved self-image.

Because all of our members receive free/reduced school meals the Club offers a daily nutritious snack to all our children when they arrive at the club. During our summer camps, we partner with the JC School Nutrition Service to provide lunch and breakfast.

Girls and Boys On Track!

Through the investigation of literature, art, history and digital media, members are encouraged to explore societal attitudes and values and build their own as they develop skills for positive relationships with their peers and the wider community.

Character and Social Emotional Learning

MKC recognizes the importance of non-cognitive skills such as focus, communication, resilience, and play in the long-term success of our members. Therefore, we include a social and emotional learning dimension to all our programs, so children feel encouraged to practice self-awareness, self-management, relationship skills, social awareness, and responsible decision making. Specific programs also target stress/ anxiety and digital citizenship.

Strong Families NOW

Creates opportunity for parents and children to participate in programs, activities and family nights throughout the year – including an end of school year celebration for all members and their families in May.