Thank you for your interest in having your child become a member at My Kid’s Club.

Our goal is for you to partner with us as we learn how to help your child be successful and happy at school and in life. Our Clubs provided over 300,000 hours of homework help, tutoring, and academic support this year and members also participated in over 421,000 hours of healthy lifestyle programs.

The mission of My Kid’s Club is to encourage and empower youth to grow in character and understanding through studies and opportunities for academic success, civic engagement, and habits that underscore healthy living to achieve their potential as responsible and caring citizens. Our after-school programming offers academic support in reading, math and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math).

Before a child can become a member, three things should happen:

  1. The child should have celebrated his or her sixth BIRTHDAY and be able to use the restroom independently.
  2. A parent or guardian of the child should fill out an application and personally turn in the completed form at the Club of your choice.
  3. We will meet with you and your child prior to becoming a “member” so we can ensure your child is set for success and we can understand how you would like to be involved and answer any questions.

MKC will attend both Selma Elementary School’s and South Smithfield Elementary School’s Back to School nights in August, and other school-parent events during the year. Membership application forms can also be found at our partner schools office.

We can’t wait to meet you and your child. Please call us 919-351-1559 if you have any questions.